Friday, February 22, 2008

Last Night's Congressional Debate

The 11th Congressional District Republican Debate last night was very informative and exciting. We had a very nice crowd that asked the candidates great questions. For those of you who missed it, the Asheville Citizen-Times has a very nice write-up about it today:

Local GOP candidates face off

The event was also recorded and will be aired on URTV the first week in April or you can watch it right now online:
2008 US Congressional 11th District Republican Candidates Debate 2-23-2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Looking for precinct delegates!

I just received a correction on how many delegates our precinct can have and how that process works (I previously had it wrong). The short version is that our precinct has 5 delegate and 5 alternate seats, so we are looking for 10 good Republicans to join us at our Precinct Meeting on March 1 at 8:30 AM. If none of this makes any sense to you, come anyway! Someone will guide us all through the process.

Being a precinct delegate will give you the opportunity to vote at the County Convention. Whether or not you become a delegate, you are still welcome to attend the precinct and county meetings. I have been told repeatedly that these meetings are rather dull but I don't believe it for a second! I am looking forward to getting to know my neighbors and participating in the political process. I think it will be very interesting and educational. I hope you can make it!

Details about Precinct 15 delegates:

If we have more than 565 REPs at our convention, precinct 15 is allocated 5 delegates and 5 alternates to the Buncombe County GOP (BCGOP) convention. At that point, because not all precincts will be maxed out, a fairly complicated scheme for seating delegates kicks in (Click this link for even more complicated detail). If we have fewer than 565 REPs at our convention, all REPs from our precinct can be seated at the BCGOP convention.

If we have more than 198 REPs at our convention who want to be delegates to the 11th district and the state convention, we are allocated 1 delegate and 1 alternate to the 11th district convention and the same to the state convention. At that point, a second fairly complicated scheme for listing delegates to future conventions kicks in. If we have fewer than 198 REPs at our convention who want to be delegates to the 11th district and the state convention, all of your delegates can be district and state convention delegates.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

GOP Calendar Created

I've put together a calendar for an easy view of what's happening in the area. The blue events are recurring meetings, while the red events are special, one-time events.

For future reference, I've also added a permanent link to the sidebar, just under the Email Newsletter signup form.