Monday, January 28, 2008

11th Congressional District Republican Debate

Event details:
Thursday, February 21, at 7PM
YMI Cultural Center
39 S. Market St. in downtown Asheville

The 11th Congressional District Republican Debate will offer a unique opportunity to hear from all 3 Republican candidates for Congress. The candidates participating include (with information taken from their websites):
  • John Armor has met and worked with hundreds of state legislators from around the country. His work has ranged from unskilled labor, to advertising and public relations, to the practice of law, to writing books and articles. He has authored or co-authored 6 books, which include The Six O’Clock Man, Introduction to the facsimile reprint of Robert Yates’ Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention to Form the US Constitution, Why Term Limits?, Manzanar, The Mural Project, and to Restore Trust in America.

  • Spence Campbell enjoyed a distinguished career in the Military Intelligence Branch of the Army from 1967 until 1992, including two combat tours in Vietnam and service at the Office of the J2, U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. From 1997 until 2004, Spence served as President of Ewbank & Ewbank Insurance and Real Estate in Hendersonville.

  • Carl Mumpower has served as a two term conservative voice and former Vice-Mayor on Asheville city council. Mumpower upholds a private psychology practice in Asheville and serves on various boards and commissions devoted to drug interventions, improving public housing, honoring veter! ans, and meeting the needs of children.


Gordon Smith said...

Hi Diana,

Great idea to get a blog going for your precinct! I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, but I appreciate good organizing when I see it.

I'm glad to hear about this debate. My blog covered the Hendersonville debate a while back.

If you'd like to be included on the BlogAsheville Blogroll, just send an email to the webmaster at blogasheville AT hotmail Dot Co m.

Diana said...

Thanks, Gordon! I appreciate the positive feedback. I will definitely contact BlogAsheville.