Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Precinct 15 has biggest turnout at BCGOP convention! Elects new Precinct Chair!

As you can imagine, Precinct Meetings, which happen once each year (this year on the same day as our County Convention) do not typically attract too many people. Especially on an off-election year.

But still! Precinct 15 had 6 Republicans in attendance who are now eligible to be delegates at our district (April 14) and state (June 12-14) conventions.

We also increased our attendance from last year, when we had 5 attendees, only 4 of which were eligible to be voting delegates due to a Board of Elections snafu.

We also elected a new Precinct Chair, Max Cooper! Even though I have not met most of you in person (I did meet quite a few though) I have thoroughly enjoyed serving Republicans living in West Asheville's Precinct 15.

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